Sam Bowler

Sam Bowler

Freelance UX designer and front-end developer from Oxfordshire, UK.

We should work together if…

  • You need someone who is highly proficient with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and can develop front-end codebases for large-scale projects
  • You have an idea and need someone who can help validate that idea and develop an MVP
  • You need a Vue, React or other JavaScript (incl. ES6) developer
  • You need a front-end developer who also has a detailed understanding of how important user experience is to the success of a project
  • You have low conversion rates and want to understand how assessing the user experience can turn things around
  • You're experiencing performance problems with your site and you need someone to recommend solutions or fix them
More about me

Sam is thoughtful and detailed in his approach to the task at hand, but also personable and approachable, with a gift for building good, credible relationships with the people around him, as confirmed by several clients we worked with together at Ridgeway.

Whether developing a new UI for a project or running UX-focused workshops for clients, Sam can be depended on to do a great job.

Stuart Gibson, Head of Production, Ridgeway
I've been lucky enough to work on a variety of great projects